Our services include:

Strategic Consultancy & School Placement
We offer premium, professional & personalised school placement advisory services to students considering overseas/qualitative education in the UK, US, Canada, Ghana, Nigeria and other destinations
Student Visa Guidance & Advisory
We help with visa application or study permits to all our study destinations. We provide checklists, ensure forms are properly completed and guide with documentations to ensure a successful visa outcome both for the student and family where applicable
School & Student
With the aid of our company publications - including our FREE newsletters and quarterly webinars, we effectively educate and provide high quality information and resources to potential international students and their Parents.

Our Newsletters

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Social Responsibilities/Initiatives

According to Chaos Theory, the tiny flutter of a butterfly’s wing can cause a cyclone on the other side of the world. This is how we think about our work at I-excel. At I-excel, a large percentage of our profit funds life-changing and capacity building programs for public schools in Nigeria – A small idea that has been able to give away hundreds of free books, trainings, and mentorships to students.

You too can be a part of our butterfly effect!

Sister Company

(Eduspace Limited, UK)

Our Sister company focuses on home/UK students who require a similar service. In addition, Eduspace runs a Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Academic project (LEAP) for kids aged 7-14.

Find out more about Eduspace and its offerings here


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